FringeNYC 2014: The Mormon Bird Play.

My experience with The Mormon Bird Play was basically a blur. One moment I was reading the description stating that the show was “a Mormon fantasia!” and next, I was leaving the 440 studios with only these words in my head, “WTF?” The attempt to piece together a theatrical experience can sometimes be one of the most stressful situations for a theatergoer like myself. I’m the person who reads a synopsis and automatically becomes intrigued by the simplest words. This gives me a 50/50 chance of seeing something amazing or something I should of missed. I just enjoy playing a little theater Russian roulette. Really, the issue is that after a show it takes me a while to truly comprehend my feelings. I try to go get a cup a coffee, light a cigarette and gather the experience before putting it down on paper. For some reason when dwelling on this play I just couldn't get the words "WTF?" out of my head! I remember rushing into the theatre trying to find a seat, tripping over one of the lights which made it very awkward because I knew everyone was watching me. When I finally got to a seat and through all the glares the lights began to dim. The show started immediately with six naked men on stage holding themselves, then they disappeared from the stage. When they returned most of the men were wearing dresses and the story began to unfold. Throughout the show I kept fumbling through the scenes confused but strangely intrigued.

I sat in my seat squirming through the plot, catching pieces as it went along. I think I began to believe that the men on stage were really young Mormon girls.  By the end I was totally captivated by the play, even though I was still baffled by what exactly I saw. While, leaving the theatre and getting lost in my thoughts that were going miles per seconds I decided that this show wasn’t meant for dissection. It was meant to just feel and get absorbed by the emotion. Not every piece of art is going to have a solid definition. As I walked back into the New York City air I came to terms with this and took the show for what it was… one big great "WTF!"

$18 tickets

VENUE #16: Robert Moss Theater at 440 Studios

FRI 8/8 @ 5 
SUN 8/10 @ 7 
SUN 8/17 @ NOON 
TUE 8/19 @ 8:30 
THU 8/21 @ 4