FringeNYC 2014: Slam Up

Photo by Jon Hain

Photo by Jon Hain

When picking which Fringe shows to see, I was already tied down to a few that I had friends working on, so I had to make my remaining choices carefully. I went straight over to the handy-dandy "Slice-O-Matic" and used key words like "puppetry" and "FringeJR" to sort through all the 200+ productions and seek out ones I'd know I'd like. After looking through all the nearly forty productions that came up with the search "LGBTQ," I found something called Slam Up. 

Here is how the show's described: "It's TMI time with Cali & Emily! Prepare for a musical ride through the many shades of love -- requited, unrequited, gay, straight, queer, or, well, just 'creative.' WARNING: Contains wonderfully, hilariously, poignantly adult material."

The Fringe website also links this show to "Spoken Word/Poetry" and "Improv/Sketch/Stand-up," both of which I'm interested in but neither of which I generally seek out. Then I saw that Slam Up was mentioned on a website for LGBTQ women and thought, 'Oh excellent, this is my chance to meet the NYC community!'

This was the first time I have ever gone to see theater based on the audience. For a favorite actor? Yes. Because I like the playwright? Sure. Since it's outside and it's free? Why not. In the hope that I'll be surrounded by a bunch of other queer ladies? Well, this would be a first.

Since all my expectations were focused on who I'd be watching the performance with, I had no preconceptions of what exactly I'd be watching. That came particularly into light when the demographics that I thought would be in attendance had a total population of about two. (tl;dr--there were very few lesbians.)

What are your criteria for picking a show? What happens when things turn out differently from the way you expected?

N.B. The performance I attended was Friday 8/15 at 4:15pm, which may have factored into the audience present.

Slam Up Written by Cali Bulmash, Emily Lowinger
Directed by Cali Bulmash, Emily Lowinger

Venue #5: The Celebration of Whimsy

SAT 8/9 @ 5:30 
FRI 8/15 @ 4:15 
SUN 8/17 @ 8:15 
THU 8/21 @ 4:15 
FRI 8/22 @ 9:30