FringeNYC 2014: <50%. Max Freedman

What's it like to direct a play when you wear about six dozen different hats?

Max Freedman, director of Gianmarco Soresi's <50%, is also a student/writer/facilitator/educator/valet/other. We met with him to hear about his (many) projects and how they influence his work on what he calls "the most traditional piece of theater [he has] worked on in several years."

"The type of theater that excites me the most is where something happens--not where people are onstage pretending to have something happen, but where something actually happens...I get really excited when I am here for this thing that is happening in front of me, with me...that to me is what makes something really grab me."

$18 #tickets

Written by Gianmarco Soresi
Directed by Max Freedman

Venue #10: The Kraine Theater

FRI 8/8 @ 7:45pm MON 8/11 @ 2:30pm FRI 8/15 @ 5:30pm THURS 8/21 @ 5:00pm SAT 8/23 @ 1:00pm