FringeNYC 2014: Absolutely Filthy.

After a quick rendezvous with my father, he escorted me along my walk to watch my first a Fringe play this year: Absolutely Filthy. As I bid my father adieu, I realized the crowd he had left me in front of was actually the horrendously long line to get into the play. As I queued myself in line, I asked the two bouncers if I even had to be on the line. Couldn't hurt to ask. Probably being the only person who was first of all, around my age, and additionally, probably the only person watching the show alone, they let me walk ahead to the entrance. Absolutely Filthy is about a hilarious homeless man, Pig Pen, who is reconnected with his group of friends from college that have long since grown apart. He's only running into these faces from his past because it was his best friend, Charlie Brown's funeral. True to the "peanuts" series, from the music to the names of the characters, they even threw in little Charlie Brown references throughout the play to really remind you what it was all a twisted, dubstep raving rendition of.

At one point of the play Pig Pen had started somehow subconsciously stripping while hula hooping and had actually gone completely naked. Having been to fringe shows years before, I had never seen nudity, therefore I was not expecting nudity, but found myself in a point of disbelief that was equidistant to being completely amused just as it was to being completely disturbed. Everything about the play was done in my exact taste in humor and I had never felt so content with any production on this level. Judging from how the rest of the audience lost their shit from scene to scene, I think it'd be safe for me to assume it was a unanimous feeling.

$18 #Tickets

VENUE #17: The Players Theatre

FRI 8 @ 9:15 WED 13 @ 7 TUE 19 @ 2 THU 21 @ 7 FRI 22 @ 2