The Long Shrift. Will Franco be there?

Lately, I fell like there is this huge craze that seems to get bigger and bigger each day. People try to deny their interest but I’ve been a Franco fan since his time on Freaks and Geeks. In the world of theatre, James Franco has begun a silent takeover. Sweeping through Broadway, and Off Broadway as I discovered this when I came across the show, The Long Shrift, that recently opened at the Rattlestick. The first thing that came to my mind was,

Will Franco be there?


If curiosity could kill a theatregoer then I would have been long gone, as my friend and I ran out of an Uber and straight into the theatre with a little less than 5 minutes to spare.


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and the first performance of the production. Honestly, I had no clue what the show was about beside a 4 sentence synopsis I read in the car while I was on my way. The one thing I knew was that Franco was behind it and I had my eyes open just in case he happened to stop by.

Once we got inside we were brought to our seat and it began seconds after. As the lights dimmed a woman walked up on stage and my friend whispered,

Hey, is that Ally Sheedy?

We were instantly consumed. The story unfolded about an 18 year old, named Richie, who was arrested for the rape of a girl named Beth, after 5 years of his imprisonment she recanted her testimony. It was extremely interesting watching the show with Franco’s style as the backdrop. The director controls the movements of the actors and the phrasing of the lines. Basically, they control the rhythm of the show. It was something I noticed in the actors throughout the performance.

After, the show my friend and I felt the story was powerful. While walking down the stairs, I overheard an elderly lady complain that the show was “untidy”. I found this very interesting since my friend and I thought it was so put together. Maybe it was the age gap? I saw people that ranged from my age and up in the small yet very packed theatre.

Sadly, Franco did not show up but I left very content with the show. I hope I will get to see a lot more of Franco as times goes on.

$5 #StudentTickets

The Long Shrift @ Rattlestick Theater, thru Aug. 23