A Fable. How evil is evil, and how good is good?

The battle of good vs. evil is something everyone deals with, in some way or the other. Yesterday, I was caught in the middle of this ongoing battle when I saw a man drop a $20 bill on the ground. The first question that popped in my mind was, "do I walk over, grab the 20 and keep it moving or should I inform him of his oblivious mishap." Honestly, anyone that I know would have called it a blessing in disguise and shoved the bill in the deepest crevice of their pocket. I on the other hand, had a change of heart and ran up to the man giving him back his lost 20. My fresh outlook on life must have come from the play I saw a few days ago called The Fable, at the Cherry Lane Theatre.

Like many of my past escapades to the theater, I was clueless to what this show had to offer. It was also my first time seeing a production at the Cherry Lane Theatre. It was very quaint and tucked away in a little corner of the West Village. One of those places you could get lost trying to find if you weren’t a New Yorker or your taxi driver didn’t have a GPS. When I got into the theatre, I found my seat and was happy that the crowd was small. It gave everyone a lot of room to get comfortable. While getting situated in my seat, I didn't even notice the man laying down at the center of the stage. Once the lights dimmed, the man lying down looked at the crowd and said, “Turn your fucking phones off!” This was the beginning of a fun and intriguing story.

The main idea of the play was a demon and an angel fighting over the soul of a solider. As the show went on the audience is thrown in the middle of this vicious battle, which included a lot of laughs and some intense situations. The show went against all my assumptions about the exact roles of a demon and an angel. It’s basically that these two figures control your conscience and your decision making about what’s good or evil. I am not the most religious person but I found the concept pretty fascinating. For me, it brought up the question: how evil is evil and how good is good? A “good” person can make bad choices just as a “bad” person can make good choices. It’s the person who must deal with the consequences of whatever decision they made, good or bad. So yesterday, after giving that man back his $20, someone driving through a puddle just missed splashing me. I took it as good karma and was happy about the decision I made.

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The Fable @ Cherry Lane Theatre, thru June 28