The Realistic Joneses. Ready for awkward?

The Realistic Joneses was one of the most awkward plays I have ever seen, and I loved everything about that. I approached the Lyceum Theatre and was ushered to my seat exactly as the lights dimmed. Having the third and fourth seats in, my guest and I had to pass a seemingly lovely elderly couple until the man uttered, "You just made it"  in a strikingly sarcastic tone. I didn't find him to be so lovely after that.

Introduced to a very woodsy country backyard, the first awkward couple appeared on stage. Stuck between hardly saying anything and hardly knowing what to say, their inability to communicate was so awkward it was making me question my own social skills, I mean that in the most amusing of ways. I would like believe I was not the only one in the audience a little lost in translation, but I figured that it was solely because I just wasn't supposed to understand. When the second awkward pair had arrived, literally out of the trees, I didn't expect them to confuse me even more than the couple prior.  I was completely absorbed into this weird play just trying to comprehend how and why four people could be so awkward.

Viewing strange scenarios getting stranger, these awkward bits of neighbor to neighbor interactions... in increments, shed little insights into understanding each character's personality and motives. I appreciated the consistency of confusion rather than the typical build up of a plot to reach a common understanding or lesson. The abstract dialogue showed me a whole new perspective on communication and how awkward it can really get. I haven't associated myself with any of my neighbors since the first apartment I grew up in. Now that I have the ability to understand and communicate, passed trick or treating throughout the apartments, I don't associate with any of my neighbors.

Even as lonely or boring not knowing anyone in your area can be, after witnessing how left field a conversation can go, I don't think I'll regain a want for any relation with any neighbors soon. I am now convinced that home is a good place to confide in yourself, no outer influences. No one should be able to invade your secret world unless you invite them to, but someone as close as neighbors can definitely threaten that secret. Depending on how open you are with your secret, you can choose to let everyone in or you can hermit yourself and not. I'm not too big an advocate of keeping secrets, but I definitely believe in needing personal space and that not everyone has to know everything.

Ignorance is bliss.

$35 General Rush

The Realistic Jones @ Lyceum Theatre, thru July 6