A Chorus Line. The "Hellmonth" of Director Sofie S. at Bronx Science High School

Hellmonth Log No. 1

It's just of couple days into May and I'm already absolutely incapable of thinking about anything but the oncoming storm: my high school's production of A Chorus Line, directed by yours truly.

It's really amazing, the transition from the quasi-mellow feel of an April 30th rehearsal to the crunch-time feel of a May 1st one. It could be the stressful reminders that costuming 35 people in the identical trademark finale-wear seems impossible, that we only received the instrumental scores a week ago, or that we can't ever seem to have enough hats for everyone to use in "One". Either way, the daunting "T-minus 25 days" hanging above my head still reminds me of how far we've come since day one. The loads of choreography learned, lines memorized, characters developed, and theatre-bonds forged are evidence that all the stress of "hellmonth" is worth it, and I know the next 25 days will continue to prove that!

Hellmonth Log No. 2

I smell paint, gradients and the reimagined components of the A Chorus Line set, now in the midst of being fabricated! This year in the Bronx Science drama department, we have been dabbling in foam backdrops. 1) because it looks amazing to utilize depth in a quasi-three-dimensional backdrop (check out the Death of a Salesman set below) and 2) because the foam is easier to maneuver in our makeshift backdrop situation, due to our poor inoperable fly system. With stagecrew officially underway, we can finally feel all components of our production come together.


Hellmonth Log No. 3

One of the saddest aspects of theatre in a non-theatre-oriented high school is that once in a while, we'll find ourselves homeless for rehearsal. Between the fencing team using the dance studio, a cultural assembly using the auditorium, a biology review session using one music room, and the student body presidential primaries in the other, we found our rehearsal taking place in a hallway, while the music director was in a tiny music office playing piano.