The Education Project. What is education?

My school (MCVTS School of the Arts-East Brunswick) is creating a devised documentary theater piece that is based off interviews with students, teachers, parents, and politicians. What is documentary theater you ask? Well, lets Google it like good American teenagers. According to Wikipedia - it is theater that wholly or in part uses preexisting material (such as newspapers, government reports, interviews, etc.) as source material for the script, ideally without altering its wording. Our subject of exploration is education. We've been working to answer the question: Well, what is education?

I first thought the project was about exposing all the bad - opening eyes to the wrongs within my education.  However, through this process I realized that is not the point. I've been taught, that as an artist we work to find the truth (both the good and bad) and expose it whether we like it or not. By hearing the voices of everyone: parents, teachers, politicians, and students; whether we agree with them or not, it creates a fuller picture. The piece is not one-sided;  it is a conversation.

It isn't just students whining and complaining It isn't working to make teachers look like the enemy It isn't working to make the parents evil or  to blame

It takes a lot. First, finding people who actually want to get their voices out there. Then, figuring out how to dramatize everyone, and make their voices distinct without making it look like mockery. I feel as though we have honored everyone's voices.

We whine on education Yet we are lucky to have it

We, as a group, have developed it. Working as an ensemble is rewarding. No one's name is really attached to anything because all of our stuff was derived from multiple ideas and concepts. It's a really great experience. As an ensemble it's essential that we work as ONE. We need to or else the piece just wouldn't work out in the end. We have our squabbles and fights but in the end we all want the show to be great. We've put our blood sweat and tears into this project - literally.

In the end, we just want to help make a difference.

$15 tickets

The Education Project @ MCVTS Theatre-112 Rues Lane • East Brunswick, NJ 08816

THU May 22, 7pm
FRI May 23, 7pm
SAT May 24, 7pm