Cabaret. Wait, where is Michelle Williams?

When I heard Cabaret was coming back to Roundabout I was instantly intrigued, for numerous reasons. First, I am a big fan of the music. As a pre-teen, my vocal coach would have me sing  "Wilkomen" over and over again for auditions. It is a catchy and edgy jingle that has haunted me since. Secondly, the the leading lady is Michelle Williams. She was another part of my childhood that fit perfectly with the time I was banging out the notes of "Wilkomen". I was pretty stoked to see her and told my friend to come with me to see the show. He doesn't go to theatre but once he heard about Michelle Williams he was ready to see what was in store. While heading to the theater, I told him about the storyline and my connection with the show. He remembered that he might have caught the movie once on TV. He was interested in how Michelle Williams was going to be. His girlfriend was fan of hers and urged him to get a picture. When we arrived I got the tickets and we walked into the theater. I was surprised to see it was set up as the the "Kit Kat Club". An usher dressed in fishnets and suspenders brought us to our seats. A few moments after we sat down, the lights dimmed and Alan Cumming appeared in a trench coat, center stage. He opened the show with my favorite number, "Wilkomen", a great start.

As the show continued, I got confused by the thunderous applause when, the jazzy orchestra began playing “Don’t Tell Mama” and the so-called Sally Bowles popped out on the stage. My friend quickly tapped me and whispered,”Is THAT Michelle Williams?" I really wasn’t sure how to respond because I had no clue. After she stopped singing and got into a dance break I told my friend, “I don’t think so.” Once the first act ended with, “This Time” we walked outside not truly understanding the situation at hand. When we went back inside, I went to check my Playbill but quickly realized they didn't give out any in the beginning.

Act two began and Alan Cumming came back in his trench coat. While the show unfolded into the familiar story I was always enchanted by, I still couldn't forget my confusion every time Sally Bowles came on stage. When she performed the title number, "Cabaret", I finally settled with the fact this wasn't my Michelle Williams.

As the show ended, my friend and I got out of our seats not really sure how to feel. While leaving, one of the ushers gave us Playbills and we could finally get the answer to our question. I rushed to the middle and found Michelle Williams’s bio. While reading it, I realized she was one of lead girls of the TV show, Dawson’s Creek. My friend looked up at me realizing the same thing and said, “Well I was expecting Michelle from Destiny's Child.” I shook my head in agreement because I was hoping the same. So goes my first time experiencing theater mistaken identity.

$32 General Rush; $22 HIPTIX

Cabaret @ Studio 54