Heathers The Musical. What's a new perspective on an old goodie?


Recently, I saw Heathers The Musical, an adaptation of the old cult movie called Heathers. I am a huge fan of the movie and was curious about what a musical version could offer.

Now, adaptations must be treated with the utmost care. Many say you can’t get better than the original but I don't always agree, there are many situations where that is not the case. I enjoy adaptations because you get to the see another perspective on a piece of art your familiar with. With music, I’ve always been obsessed with remixes. I like how another artist will alter a song to fit their perspective.

Taking a movie and placing it on stage can be tricky because you’re more constricted (its live, so there is no editing). Sometimes the piece doesn’t translate well. You can alter it, as long as it still is relatable to the audience's view on the original. If someone is coming to see a show that is supposed to be an adaptation of something else, it means they want it to at least be in the same realm of the original. Right? Just me?


For me, Heathers The Musical unfolded like a crude masterpiece full of tastefully dark humor. They kept the main story. Many people wouldn’t be able to imagine taking this film and putting it on stage. You will never be able to put on stage anything close to what you will find in a movie. There’s just not enough space. But never underestimate simplicity. It allowed me to focus on the original story while still seeing it as something new... and just as hilarious.

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Heathers The Musical @ New World Stages