All The Way. Does your dad look like LBJ?

Throughout my childhood, my brothers and I have always compared my father to Bryant Cranston's character in Malcolm In The Middle, singing the "You're Not the Boss of Me" song at him when he'd tell us to do things we didn't want to do. Years down the road when Breaking Bad had come out, we proceeded to call my father "breaking dad." The other night, as I was watching All The Way, where Cranston stars as Pres Lyndon B Johnson, it was like watching a Southern and beard shaven version of my dad. Now I don't find politics to be the least bit amusing, but watching the imitation of Johnson's election process was entertaining while envisioning him as my father. Every time Cranston would commit an unorthodox act I would giggle, imagining my father manipulating everyone and everything in his way to favor him in the upcoming election.

As the older and somewhat pretentious/condescending crowd would chuckle at witty jokes with a more advanced vocabulary choice, I was merely enthralled with visions of my father. Don't get me wrong, the production and the acting was amazing on their own, but being able to relate Cranston's face with my father's definitely made the show a little more enjoyable.

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