SEX TIPS. Are you ready to live your life?

I had just had dinner with my father and he escorted me to the door of the 777 Theatre. He was both unsettled and confused to find out it was the doorway marked Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man. My father, not really knowing how to handle this situation, gave me a nervous look and told me to have fun as he quickly fled the scene. As the saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind." Now alone, I had walked up some flights up to the theatre and box office where I collected my ticket among a crowd of gay college boys, peacock dressed bachelorettes, and giddy middle aged women. Everyone was too excited and in a rush to see what this comedy had to offer them, although I highly doubt anyone had showed up solely for the comedy.

Not fully confident in what I was walking into anymore, I took my seat in hopes that I would not be so noticeable, despite having a seat in the front row. Very happy to not have been picked to participate in a blind hand job competition using the play's pamphlets, I sat back laughing the whole show, enthralled by the extremely uncomfortable yet hilarious jokes and events.

Although it may have been a comedy about a gay man trying to aid this helpless professor in her sexual endeavors, like most stories there was hidden substance to the play. Through both the gay protagonist and helpless professor, Sex Tips was full of tips on living the life you want, rather than abiding by what double standards society expect of you.

Like and pursue whomever you want to like, and live however you would like to live.

$25 Student Rush

Sex Tips @ 777 Theatre