50 Shades! The Musical. #GIFriot. Are you ready to admit you love raunchiness?

What follows is my emotional process while watching 50 Shades! The Musical told through a #GIFriot:

As I sat in the theatre waiting for the show to begin...

Jamming out to some Ke$ha, extremely curious for what was in store.

The curtains opened and the show began

with musical numbers like Hole Inside Me, 

the level of raunchiness...

By the end of the first act

I was pretty... overwhelmed... by the last number I Don’t Make Love,

but I couldn’t keep myself from...

As the show went on, it only became more vulgar and hilarious. By the end, I was blushing from all the leather and whips, yet secretly craving more.

Theater in the realm of erotica. Sex is juicy, and an intriguing topic for entertainment. For me (and I bet many others), the desire for something racy and controversial is endless, especially in the city that never sleeps. When erotica and comedy mix, it is the best combination. It’s the perfect vice.  And many hate to admit the enjoyment they get when they indulge every now and then, myself included. As much as I love a deep, passionate, bone-chilling drama, I’m always curious for the sexually eccentric, but aren’t we all?

Off Broadway is where the fun is. Yes, there is some full nudity in Broadway shows (like Hair), but you can only find demonstrations of weird, experimental sex Off Broadway in shows like Intimacy (see what PXP's Gemma had to say about it). I am a theatregoer who loves to see freedom in its highest degree. The exploration of sex, especially on stage is so interesting, imagine a new Broadway full of sex and raunchy comedies.

When I saw 50 Shades! The Musical, I think it did an excellent job at making me (and I'd bet the entire audience) as uncomfortable as possible. With leather straps, whips and a lot of pelvic thrusting, I felt very awkward sitting in the second row but highly amused. By the last act, I was shitting my pants laughing and loving every second of the absurdness that was being performed on stage. In that instant, I fell in love with theater all over again.

People like to try to keep things certain ways, but why confine? The stage is an open forum to present all ideas and turn it into art. We get to remove the masks we have been keeping up during daily life and just relax and laugh. The moral of the story, is not everything has to be so serious. I want to share a quote my mother always tells me:

“Remember laughter is the only way we can truly keep our sanity.”

50 Shades! The Musical @ The Elektra Theatre 18+

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