The Faire. Is change destructive?

Reality is a personal creation. My reality is simplistically complex. I’m constantly running around from borough to borough trying to get somewhere and do something. Though I live a hectic life, it’s still on the calm side or at least the borderline. I mean, I do have time to go to brunch with friends and visit family. Even though I’m not the most organized, I still have routines that I keep too. What if one day everything I was accustomed to, changed in the a blink of an eye? I've never really thought about such a question because I'm always so comfortable in my life that I forget change is a very real possibility.

I scurried down the snow covered streets and ran into a, what I was hoping to be warm, theatre (Fourth Street Theatre). I was very happy, because the heat was turned up high. I was greeted with pleasant smiles and swiftly found my seat. I liked it here.

The stage was vibrant, decorated with bright colors and a huge sign that read "Renaissance Pleasure Faire", which was backwards. I sat with my friend wondering what was to come... but as the show began, we were immediately laughing as a drunken man wearing a dress and coconut boobs ran around the stage.

We were introduced to the performers, seeing how they interacted behind the curtain. When the huge sign would turn around, the performers would switch into their character for the Renaissance faire acts. And those acts involved coming out into the crowd to interact with the audience. I remember one moment where I was sitting there watching the stage while, unknown to me, the man with coconut boobs snuck up beside me and proceeded to sit in my lap!

While, the show was full of kicks and giggles, it was surrounded by the sad realization that the faire was being shut down so that a huge mall could be put in its place. The performers were not prepared for this change and instead of facing the harsh reality they just denied it. They began fighting the inevitable, basically leading themselves to insanity. They were like kids who just couldn’t grow up.

As much as I laughed throughout the show, I couldn’t help but feel remorse for the performers. Is change truly that destructive? I asked my friend who came with me and she made a good point: “Change isn’t what destroys you, it’s your fear that does”.

This opened my eyes. Reality is ours. Change is almost like the universe throwing obstacles at you to see how strong you are to yourself. It’s a test to find out who’s weak-hearted. So, if one day my life was completely flipped on its axis, would I be able to face it and learn how to overcome?

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Fault Line Theatre's The Faire @ Fourth Street Theatre