Having just lost my phone and hitting an unusually rocky path with my beau, I was having quite the dreadful day prior to seeing #WhatWouldBeyonceDoa special three day stand up comedy by the very outgoing Brit Luisa Omielan. I showed up a full hour ahead of time to Subculture Theatre, phoneless (my FB update: "can't stand not having a phone... #firstworldproblems"), with no perception of time or what kind of show I would be walking into other than the fact it was a show relating to Queen Bey. Distraught by the day's depressing activities, I killed time walking to other parts of the city and back just in time. My attempts to discreetly slip into a seat towards the DJ equipment in the back were destroyed by Luisa herself who took me by the hand and sat me up in the very front row.

My troubles seemed so much more insignificant each time she addressed the audience as " bitches" or broke out into a Beyonce song, even when she took me by my hand once again and brought me up to dance to "Single Ladies" with her. Unfortunately, I didn't know the routine as well as she did, but by that point I had stopped caring about my problems completely.

Throughout her show, Luisa had joked about her previous relationship and her father issues, or her physical flaws - all of which,  paralleled my life and rocky relationship. Preaching that being a strong, independent woman, as is displayed through Beyonce's "Survivor", isn't about being appealing. It's about being worth it, worth overcoming the double standards and guidelines set for women. Being a survivor in a sense that you don't need to have or abide by any other male counterpart to get by. Hearing her cope with and carry her excess negative weight through her comedy had made me feel stupid for allowing my issues to give me such a head ache in the first place; surely, Beyonce wouldn't.

I had come into the theatre feeling pretty foul, but not only did I lose my shit laughing, I was able to regain some self empowerment. They say laughter is the best medicine and after #WWBD, I know that comic relief cured my ailments of the mind.

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#WhatWouldBeyonceDo? @ Subculture