Tyson vs. Ali. Has a show ever inspired you to explore something new?

I'm not a huge sports fan, though I will sometimes indulge in a random basketball game at Madison Square Garden. Besides that, I don't know much about the world of sports. Of course I hear about the drug and sex scandals a lot of athletes get themselves involved in, but I could care less. The other day, I saw the first of the Hangover movies on Netflix. In the middle of movie Mike Tyson had a cameo: I hear his name, remembering him solely for his tattoos and bad temper. So, when I saw that the COIL festival was having a show called Tyson vs. Ali at 3LDI decided this would be an opportunity to get info on something I know little to nothing about. I remember my grandpa being a big Mohammad Ali fan. He would talk about Ali's legendary matches, watching the fights every now and then on the VHSs he recorded years ago. 

As the show began, I became extremely nostalgic in this fast-paced and technology-laced boxing ring. I sat in the front row on the side, seeing huge projector screens surrounding the ring, I wasn't sure if I chose the right seat. I noticed, unlike other shows, there was no bad seat because they had moving screens placed within the ring. I was engulfed, engulfed in left and right jabs, listening to the stories of each boxer unravel. While watching I had an epiphany, I realized my interest in the world of boxing was growing.

I began doing research on these two boxers. The eras of Tyson/Ali were completely different times from today. Boxing was popular and full of glitz and glamour (well at least, for the audience). Glamour based on the violence between two men. I was completely uninterested in sports, especially boxing, before this show. It unmasked the sport of boxing.

Everyone only knows the information that the media generates to us. The idea I had about Tyson was from his cameo in a movie, which might be the only thing many people my age know about him. Now, I still wouldn't say I have a desire for sports, but I understand that each has a deeper world than what it might seem on the surface.

Also, for me, it proves that not everything is as it's seen on TV.

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Tyson vs. Ali @ 3LD Art and Technology Center through Feb. 2