LOOT. Have you ever had to run to make a show?

On Saturday, I caught the matinée of Loot at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. I wanted to see the show because it was described online as a "fiendish farce" and "a comedic masterpiece" and there's nothing I like more than farcical comedy. For a born and raised New Yorker like myself, I have a horrible sense of direction. It's embarrassing. Oftentimes I'll channel Hermione Granger and fake a British accent when asking for directions so it seems like I'm from out-of-town. Because if I'm gonna be mistaken for a tourist (*shudder*), I rather be mistaken for a British tourist.

I've seen many a play over the years at the New Ohio Theatre on Christopher Street, so you'd think I'd know my way around that neighborhood at this point. Sadly, that is not the case. If you asked me right now to find the New Ohio Theatre from the Christopher Street train station, I'd probably start crying. All I know is that every time I attempt to see a play there, I'll be in a rush and right when I get my breathing under control and glimpse a theatre in the distance, it's not the theatre I'm looking for, but the Lucille Lortel Theatre, mocking me.

But this time, I was looking for the Lucille Lortel Theatre. And for once, I was confident that I knew where I was going. And of course, the 1 train picks this one time to decide to not show up for 20 minutes. Perfect. So when I finally get out of the train station, I have five minutes before the play starts. And nothing pisses me off more than missing the beginning of a show. So I run. Like an insane person, and by some fluke I make it to theatre in time, drenched in sweat and clutching my side. The things I do for theatre...

And I wish I could say that I put myself through all of that physical exertion for the sake of a side-splittingly funny play... but I can't. To me, it seemed to be a bit outdated. My biggest laughs came from the physical humor...not from witty dialogue. And whenever an actor would deliver a comical line, they would look directly at the audience and smirk as if to say, "I am making a joke right now". I think I enjoyed the story more than anything else, due to my interest in crime. Who doesn't love a little deceit and robbery between friends?

But all in all, this show satisfied me because it did the unthinkable...at least for me. It got me to a theatre without stopping and asking for help first. Sure, it took my entire life for that to happen, but I think the news is promising news nonetheless. 

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LOOT @ Lucille Lortel Theatre