Once. What is your once-in-a-lifetime dream?

Last Saturday, I saw Once at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre. I already knew all about the music and had obsessed with Falling Slowly from the moment I heard it.

I arrived at the theatre with plenty of time, and was informed that there would be a pre-show starting shortly. I couldn't recall in all the theatre I've seen there ever being a show before the show. I, along with the rest of the audience on the lower level, was invited on stage for this pre-show.

I tried to savor every step I took as I walked on stage, single file, thanking God I had gotten to the theatre early enough to avoid waiting in line. The whole time, I repeated in my head, "I'm on a Broadway stage, I'm on a Broadway stage, Oh my God, I'm on a Broadway stage," as if I could ever forget! The staff ushered us upstage, and we were greeted by the cast, already in character with instruments in hand, prepared to give us a private show!

The pre-show performance was one huge jam session. None of the cast looked like they were working. It was all care-free and effortless. And noticing the fully stocked bar behind me and the happily drinking people, bobbing their heads along with the music, it was easy to lose myself in the moment and pretend I was at an old fashioned Irish pub.

When the pre-show ended and staff members told us to return to our seats, I knew that moment would be it, at least for a while. My time on the Broadway stage would come to a brutal end, and I'd be forced to return to my seat with everyone else and watch the rest of the show like a regular audience member.

Singing on Broadway has been a dream of mine for many years. There I was on a Broadway stage. You can't get much closer than that. Glancing around, I seized my opportunity, singing a quick high C and coughing into my hand to cover it up, causing most of the people on stage and even a few cast members to look in my direction curiously. I feigned innocence, ignoring their looks and my boyfriend's snickering, pleased that I had gotten away with it. As I skipped down the steps leading off the stage, I had a new mantra: "I just sang on a Broadway stage!" I did. And nobody could take it away from me. Technically speaking, if I were to tell someone that I sang on Broadway, it wouldn't even be a lie...just some severe omission. But I'll take it!

How perfect, I thought to myself as the show let out, that I'd achieve a once in a lifetime dream at Once the Musical.

$34.50 General Rush (Mon-Thurs), $39.50 (Fri-Sun)

Once the Muscial @ Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre