It's Just Sex. What is love, really?

Love without a label is real love; the expectations and restrictions that involve a relationship or marriage are against what love really stands for. Love is all about appreciation, whereas society has made love out to be about possession. The bonding, monogamous idea of marriage is against our original nature of loving each other freely and unconditionally. But, of course, word is bond and in both verbally and physically signing a marriage contract, one agrees to dedicating their life and love to one person - which only comes with consequences. In the play It’s Just Sex, three struggling married couples, whose kids have gone away, get together and play drinking games to escape their problems. They end up swapping and sleeping with each other’s spouses, and as the saying goes, drunken words truly are sober thoughts... or alcohol is the catalyst in saying them.

One of the wives, who was left with her friend’s husband did not participate in the swap. She felt guilty because she had already cheated a year ago on her husband. When she breaks down and tells her spouse, he is, to her surprise, okay with it. He understands that it’s just sex and that her true emotions lie with him. For that moment, I was able to stop laughing at the play and really appreciate this idea of free love.

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It's Just Sex @ Actors Temple Theater at Congregation Ezrath Israel