Domesticated. Are politicians people as well?

Political corruption is nothing new.  However, lately it seems like it is no longer seen as an abomination but just another daily occurrence. Truthfully, I was never really into politics. The furthest my interest has ever gone was when I was part of the student government in 4th grade. Besides that, I’ve always thought it was just a sticky situation I had no desire to be involved in. Political scandals are like taking the carcass of some wild beast and putting it in the middle of the desert. If you wait five seconds you will see every vulture in a ten mile radius swarm around the poor creature. If one in politics doesn’t cover his/her tracks properly, that “little” secret will become the top story trending.

However, political figures are people too. The only difference between them and us is the fact their bank accounts look a little healthier than the average middle class worker. I believe that wealth is the number one factor to make or break a person. It gives you an unlimited supply of power and control, especially if you’re in the political scene. It’s easier to discover all the hidden illegal secrets the world has to offer.

Even if your job is to crack down on things illegal, let’s be honest, wouldn’t you wonder what it’s like on the other side, the illegal side? Curiosity and temptation will be the death of us all - but, since we don’t have that type of power we might not take this to the extremes that many political figures can do.

A few days ago, I went to Lincoln Center and I saw Domesticated. The play follows the political scandal of a senator who got caught having sex with a hooker, and she fell on her head in the hotel room which caused her to be fully paralyzed. As you see, it sounds like a pretty heavy storyline.  It was portrayed very differently than I assumed it would be. It turned into a play that looked beyond the scandal and focused on the effects a scandals can have on a family. This is something you never really hear about, because the family is forced to put up a facade to show unity and support to the public, for that politician.

I found myself constantly taken off guard by how nothing was sugarcoated. It was the raw, brutal truth that things don’t always work out. The best part is that there was this constant comedic element. It was basically telling you that in life “it is what is” and even through the shittiest parts sometimes all you can do is laugh.

As people, let’s face it, we make dumb decisions. With every bad decision there are many consequences you will have to face. Some are smaller than others, but there are still prices you have to pay. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the society, at some point, whatever happens in the dark shall come into the light.