GIFriot: MUTE, can you tell a story without words?

On Friday, October 11th, I set off to the Triskelion Arts Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to see Mute, a new immersive show from the New York Neo-Futurists that utilizes a variety of theatrical storytelling techniques including video, music, and social media. However, the show leaves out one element that we perhaps take for granted in our own lives: voice. This is my Mute experience. I arrive at the Triskelion Arts Center with minutes to spare.

I take my seat.

Huh. So there’s not going to be any talking at all?

There’s a balloon under my chair?

And…mine pops immediately. Of course.

Given a new one!

What?! A balloon symphony?!!

Time to rock out!

So you’re trying to tell me that we all have to pop our balloons now?

Aw, are those the actors’ actual childhood photographs?

Whoa! They can tell all this without speech?

That’s not a tear. I just have something in my eye…