Just because it's a classic, does it have to be boring?

PXP chats about the Secret Theatre's production of Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge: Gemma L: Hey, Desmond! :) So we're officially confirmed to see A View From the Bridge tomorrow. Are you excited? I don't really know what to expect because I've never read the play...

Desmond:  :D Yess I can't waitttt! Idk what to expect either, especially cause it's a classic so I'm hoping it won't be boring.

Gemma L: I know, same. Also, I've never seen a show at the Secret Theatre before, so hopefully it turns out to be good. It's a pretty obscure theatre, so we'll see :P

Desmond: Exactly, that's what I'm so excited about! But I know that back in high school classes A View From the Bridge was mandatory reading and those are usually just boring classics.

Gemma L: Yeah, I know what you're saying. Everyone was forced to read Arthur Miller in school. It's nice that we're being given a chance to see this play actually performed like it's meant to be instead of being assigned it against our will. Anyway, I'll see you at the theatre! Can't wait :D

Desmond: I agreeeee! It's much better to SEE a play than sit in class and hear it read from students who are just waiting for the bell to ring lol and okay see you then! :D


Gemma L: Wow.

That's all I have to say. Didn't you love the play?!! I mean, everything was so well done from the use of the theatre space to the acting.

Desmond: It was sooooo gooddd! I'm so happy we gave it a chance cause it really went beyond expectations. I have a new found love for classic plays now! Everyone always wants to go for the new and innovative but there truly is so much beauty to be offered through shows from the past.

Gemma L: Good point! What was your favorite part? Favorite performers? I personally loved when the cousins arrive. That was HYSTERICAL. And the actor who played Eddie Carbone. What about you?

Desmond: Yess! I love the cousins, especially the one that ended up falling in love with the girl because his performance was amazinggg! Yeaa it seemed like Eddie Carbone was a really diffcult part to play and he did a great job with it.

Gemma L: Totally!

Just because something is labeled a classic, it doesn't mean that it will be boring. Although that doesn't make us any more excited to be forced to read these plays in school haha.

And sometimes it's good to go into things without too many expectations. I mean, of course we had SOME sort of expectations, but they didn't shape our experience.

Desmond: Lol true! And I agree, I can't wait to check out another production there. It's great to know there are little hidden jewels in outer boroughs like Queens and yea our experience would be completely different if we read the play beforehand.

Well, I'm exhausted so I'm gonna call it a night. I'm glad we got to see this one together! It was most definitely one of my faves in the off Broadway circuit :)