FringeNYC 2013: Big Dummy

I entered The Steve & Marie Sgouros Theatre excited. I was already familiar with the subject matter of the show, and I found something undeniably sweet about a daughter who realizes that despite her and her father’s differences, she loves him. With humor and sincerity, Mary Dimino transported me into her remarkable world. One moment that particularly registered with me was when Dimino talked about how her father would always make her fill out his birthday cards for her because he couldn't write them himself. At the time, this bothered Dimino to no end. Eventually she came to terms with it, along with all of her father's other idiosyncrasies, when she realized that his simplicity doesn’t make him simple, but rather it makes him “limitless.”

Big Dummy made me grasp how big a role our parents (no matter how crazy they are) play in shaping our lives and us as people. I walked away touched from Dimino’s real life story and with the realization that while you cannot choose your family, it is best to appreciate them for who they are. 


PXPGemma LolosComment