FringeNYC 2013: BRENDA's Emily Kron

What happens when you're not ready to say a final farewell to a loved one--and that person isn't ready to leave the world either? BRENDA, a ghost story playing at the Robert Moss Theater, explores how the world of one man and his two friends is flipped upside-down by his mother's death. We meet Wallace, a lonely employee at a cosmetics counter; Jen, his coworker/biggest crush; and Mike, his stay-at-home roommate. Wallace is trying to move on with his mundane life, but his guilt at having missed his mother's funeral begins to completely consume him. With only five actors, a few props, and a transformer set piece, BRENDA travels from Colorado to Kentucky to find out how these characters handle living and dying. I met with Emily Kron (who plays Jen) to find out her thoughts on the process of rehearsing a Fringe show and what this play's greater themes mean to her.

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FRI 8/23 at 9:15pm SAT 8/24 at 2:00pm