FringeNYC 2013: A Fallopian Fairy Tale

1. When you were writing Fallopian Fairytale, what was your inspiration?

My inspiration was Disney fairytales and the fact that they don’t really prepare young girls for the real world. There was a lack of guidance and no talk of sex and everything else that young women go through. It was time to tell my stories.

2. What is the process behind a one woman show?

Hmmm, well there was a lot of sitting alone and writing out stories. It was all about figuring out what stories worked and which didn’t. The fairytale element of the show was the fun part. It happens to just fit in so I went with it. Once I really started getting into it I ended up with a fairy godmother that had a heavy Jewish accent and from there it just grew.

3. What would you say is more difficult, being the actress or being the writer?

Honestly, I must say that being the actress was much more difficult than being the writer. I’ve written multiple shows and performed in them but this was my first one woman show and physically they are very demanding. It was very hard to map out and became a “mind melt”. As a writer, it’s all about using your artistic license! It’s ok to embellish the stories and play around with them. A lot of my friends and family came up to me after the show, asking if all these stories were true because if so, there was a lot they didn’t know about me but I had to explain that were many fictional exaggerations within the stories.

4. What do you believe is your responsibility as a woman in theatre?

As a woman my responsibility is to create parts for women, so women in theatre have more opportunities. With the Jerome Grant that I received, I am working on an all Asian women version of Cary Churchill’s Top Girls. I think the most important thing to do as a woman in theatre is to bring women experiences to the forefront.

5. What do you hope audiences will take away with them after this show?

Go see your gynecologist! Don’t be afraid to go get checked because cancer is out there and the longer you wait the more you are at risk. Also, I want women to laugh about being a women and embracing it. We need to fall in love with ourselves.

6. Complete this sentence: My show is only one in FringeNYC that…

Has an illustrated version of a girl bleeding from my behind!! It’s also, the only Fringe show that is actively advertising at her Gyno office.

SEE A Fallopian Fairy Tale

$15 #tickets THURS 8/22 8:45 FRI 8/23 9:00 SAT 8/24 8:00