FringeNYC 2013: The Adventures of Boy and Girl

Going into a show with a name like "The Adventures of Boy and Girl," I was expecting stereotypes up the wazoo. Generalizartions, gender norms--not my cup of tea. But the quick-paced, beautifully constructed play that I saw was far from all that. I was surprised instead to meet unique characters--and even though I was only with them for 35 minutes, I felt like I really knew them as individuals. The boy and girl in question, Rick and Trish respectively, come onstage from separate doors and introduce themselves to the audience with: "I'm glad we're not together." Through the rest of the play the exes narrate how they got to where they are in overlapping bits and pieces. Even as each one shares their past problems they help round out the other's anecdotes, such that my mind completely flip-flopped from "How the heck were these humans ever compatible?" to "What on earth could have torn this meant-to-be couple apart?"

Rick and Trish may not be the kind of people I'd befriend in real life. But the way they tell their interwoven stories so animatedly makes them just the kind of compelling people I'd like to spend time with in a theater.

- Emily B.

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$15 #tickets THU 8/22 @ 3:30 SAT 8/24 @ NOON