FringeNYC 2013: The Adventures of Boy and Girl

PXP had the chance to chat with the creators of The Adventure of Boy and Girl.


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Transcript of the interview: 11:23am Erin D: Hey everyone! I'm Erin and I'm here talking with Alec and Rachel, the creators of the Fringe show The Adventures of Boy and Girl. Alright, could you talk to the pxp readers a bit about the origins of your show?

11:31am Alec Grossman: It started really spontaneously. From the little we knew from each other at the time, we knew that we both liked to write one day I approached Rachel asking if she wanted to write a play, not having any idea what it would really be about after some very brief conversations, we decided to trade monologues through FB chat spoken by a man and a woman and see what happened

11:32am Erin D: Were you writing for a competition or festival? Or just to write?

11:38am Alec Grossman: A little bit of both. We both wanted to write a play because we were getting along and we thought it would be fun to do something creative together but having our high school playwriting festival called "Brick Prison Playhouse" gave us a hard deadline to strive for

11:39am Erin D: Cool, so you wrote the piece in HS. Do you feel like the content has evolved since then?

11:42am Rachel Kaly: The content has definitely evolved since then, although the general themes and fundamental character traits have remained the same This is our third production of the show (once in high school, once as part of the Young Playwright's Festival by the Blank Theater Company in LA, and now Fringe), and with each production we've had different writing mentors, who have given us their advice on our script We've also had a different cast and crew for each play, and the play relies a lot on the actors bringing in their own quirks and ideas, so the way that the play is performed is constantly changing We've made some script edits based on what we've seen work and not work in the different productions, and based on how our actors play the characters

11:44am Erin D: Were you involved with the casting process of the show? Or have you been involved at all levels of the show?

11:50am Alec Grossman: we hired a casting director, Erin Heatly, who put out notices for the show and I think we received around 200 applications. Our director, Patrick Vassel, Rachel, and I along with Erin were all in audition room. We all were free to speak our minds, but Patrick made the final call

11:52am Rachel Kaly: yeah, we've really been involved with every aspect of the play, but we hired professionals to get down to the nitty gritty so we have input when we know what we're talking about, and people have definitely been asking us our thoughts, but we are very trusting in their expertise

11:52am Erin D: What has been the coolest part about being a student in the world of professional theatre? I mean, your age has to play a role in this I would think

11:54am Rachel Kaly: yeah absolutely I have personally learned a lot through this process because we've been completely welcomed into the adult theater community, and people are taking us seriously despite our age we have to depend on other peoples' expertise but that's been the really cool part of this process; it's completely a learning experience

11:56am Alec Grossman: Our age has affected us less than I thought it would

11:56am Erin D: I think the coolest part of the show is the way you are fundraising. Do your means of fundraising have anything to do with your age?

11:57am Alec Grossman: I had this idea that professionals did theater differently and that what I've done in classes was controlled

11:58am Erin D: Sorry to interrupt! Go ahead

12:00pm Alec Grossman: It's made me appreciate the training I've done in school. It's not as big of a leap as I thought

12:01pm Rachel Kaly: And to answer the fundraising question, I don't think it's really been affected by our age at all

12:01pm Erin D: Lol, okay. Where did the tumblr idea come from?

12:02pm Rachel Kaly: when we were doing research we saw that fundraising sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are used all the time for things like productions to funding someone's dream wedding the tumblr idea came from our PR gal, Lauren Mangiforte *Mangiaforte we just really wanted to use social media as much as we could- we set up a twitter, an instagram, a tumblr, a facebook page it all went along with the fact that we wrote this play on facebook so why not use the same medium to make sure our show got funded and seen?

12:04pm Erin D: Do you feel like you've engaged your friends who might not be into theatre because of your hype on social media?

12:09pm Alec Grossman: totally. by using social media we've reached out to people that wouldn't have heard news about the play.

12:09pm Rachel Kaly: funny memes can go a long way

12:10pm Erin D: So can funny perks for donations to the show! Could you tell me a bit about your promises on indiegogo?

12:11pm Alec Grossman: Yeah we have a bunch

12:12pm Rachel Kaly: Alec really had a blast with those, he came up with most of them

12:12pm Alec Grossman: Not surprisingly, a signed picture of us was our most popular perk

12:13pm Erin D: Alec, which one was your personal favorite?

12:14pm Alec Grossman: the $500 perk of "anything you want" was nice but nobody claimed it

12:14pm Erin D: LOL, and you rachel?

12:15pm Alec Grossman: One person actually paid $200 to get serenaded by our actor, Matthew Goodrich

12:15pm Rachel Kaly: that would be my favorite perk Matt is hilarious and I would pay $200 to get serenaded by him I'm surprised it was only claimed by one person

12:16pm Erin D: Wowwww, hahaha. Has the budget been a limiting factor for your show? Alright here's the big philosophical question: what do you really think a budget means in terms of artistic freedom?

12:22pm Alec Grossman: By definition a budget is limiting. Ideally we would like to have unlimited funds. But in many ways, we got lucky because the play doesn't require a lot of spectacle. We were able to spend a decent amount on promotion too which is a plus

12:23pm Rachel Kaly: Yeah- we kept having to raise our Indiegogo goal because of some funding issues, but we were lucky because so many people helped us out We also lucked out because, like Alec said, our show is fairly simple visually and we were more interested in achieving the essence of the play Personally, I am more interested in the actual content of the play than what the play LOOKS like; it certainly has to look good, but I prefer to see plays that focus on character development and plot lines than cool tricks and stage pictures

12:24pm Alec Grossman: That being said, we still have great stage pictures

12:25pm Erin D: So simple can be more effective?

12:25pm Rachel Kaly: Right. I don't think a budget has to hinder artistic freedom, but money is definitely a frustrating burden when putting on a play. It easily gets in the way. Big spectacles in our play would actually detract from it in some cases, because it's so much about the characters While a play like "Pippin," which has been praised for a while, has a circus-y theme, so spectacle is going to enhance the play ...but they have a broadway budget soooo

12:26pm Alec Grossman: It's not like there's any need for spectacle in our play

12:27pm Erin D: xD So despite the financial burdens and the struggles along the way, why do you want to tell this story? What makes you keep presenting it? This will be our last question

12:41pm Alec Grossman: On the most basic level, putting on theater is a lot of fun. There's this quote that's like "people do theater just so they can meet" and I find that to be true in so many ways. Our rehearsals have a really fun and safe environment where no idea or joke is a bad one. I also keep wanting to do it because every time it's been produced I've learned a lot, both about the play itself and theater in general. Taking classes in school is helpful, but theater is really all about process. Specifically about this story, I like to tell it primarily because people enjoy themselves while watching this play. Theater can be a lot of things, but for our purposes, it's entertainment. But there's a takeaway too. There are a lot of nuggets about relationships and friendship that the audience can take home with them.

12:44pm Erin D: Okay guys, thanks so much for your time We can't wait to see The Adventures of Boy and Girl!

12:45pm Rachel Kaly: Yes everyone come see it! check out our website for ticket info and stuff

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