PXP asks a BIG question of a company

From the The Amoralists, a company that self-describes as: "a theatre company that produces work of no moral judgment. Dedicated to an honest expression of the American condition, our ensemble explores complex characters of moral ambiguity, plumbing the depths of the social, political, spiritual and sexual characteristics of human nature."


Theatre's responsibility is to heighten awareness of the human condition in all forms.

- General Manager

Theater's responsibility to the audience is to be honest. Practitioners' responsibility to theater is to evolve.

-Production Manager

The theatre's responsibility is to support, communicate and honestly portray the human condition. It is the mother of a delicate process involving multiple types of individuals; writers, actors, and audience. This process must be thought provoking, hold up a mirror to the society of it's time, and provide a photograph of society from humanity's past. It must convey emotional stories that resonate with those who allow themselves to be affected through words and actions. It must attempt to convey emotional stories to those who remain blocked. It must say SOMETHING, whether it be a strong political commentary or a complicated story of love. It is a tool for writers to create characters based on reality, a way for actors to give these characters a reality, and for the audience to be faced with said reality.

-Marketing Associate

Theater's responsibility is to bring together artists and audiences in a live shared experience that reflects the current climate and culture on every plane - physical, emotional, spiritual. From the simplest connection to the grandest ideas.

-Director of Ensemble and Artistic Development

I react to this question by asking another one: what is our responsibility to the theatre as artists and audiences? What can we do to ensure its longevity and growth? How can we effectively broaden our audiences and nurture the work of current American playwrights? The Amoralists tell stories that people want to hear, that ignite controversy, make you argue, make you mad and make you love humanity so deeply you will stop at nothing to save it. It's these stories and artists' baring their soul that makes theatre worth going to and therefore informs its responsibility - which is to find the stories that make you continue to go, make it a part of your life and make it a part of the lives of everyone you love.

-Director of Development

Amoralists Theatre Company -- Get to Know Them With TDF from Theatre Development Fund (tdf) on Vimeo.