PXP asks a BIG question of an agent


Tell them the truth-

if you really want to know what I say at my seminars I’ll be straight up. I’m not overly blunt or mean or feel the need to have to be the catalyst to crush anyone’s goals or dreams. No one ever asks me what I would change about the industry--- ever--- it’s not part of the dialogue. That’s the point I think I’m making.

"No one talks about it."

People’s opinions don’t matter- unless it’s in line with getting tickets sold, cast in a show, more money on a deal, or looking good in the NY Times. I feel that artists and actors are scared to say what they really think and feel sometimes-as though it’s not valid. I want to change that—I want actors to be able to have a voice in their own life. I don’t want people to be stifled in having an opinion because if they say the wrong thing to a producer or agent or casting director than they won’t get cast in the next show.

I tell actors to stop regurgitating the NY Times art section to me, yes, read it, but...

have an opinion of your own,

not one that you got from some critic or a professor. You’re a free thinking human being. I tell them to volunteer and get outside and participate in society. If you want to portray life on stage then you need to get out and HAVE A LIFE. Go to museums, read books, drink beer on patios with your friends, find something that makes you feel full in your head and heart that is NOT also wrapped up in your job and the theatre. At the end of the day, playing a dancing spoon in Beauty in The Beast, while honorable, is not how you’re going to be remembered. You will be remembered in this industry for how you treated your fellow cast mates, your friends, and the people around you.

- Ashley Landay Agent