Can you know a show by it's ROOTs?

A lot of entertainment, from the screen to the stage, is based off of previous work, a book or film or inspired by a true story.The Broadway musical, Kinky Boots, is based on the 2006 cult film (based on a true story) of the same name. I decided to go back to the source and dig a little deeper into the musical with the film as a tool. [Oh!], and the music is by Cyndi Lauper, so back to the source with Lauper’s music, as well.

Kinky Boots (the film) pushes boundaries, for me. It features the lives of drag queens: from evening performances to the crude remarks and stares they cope with on the daily. The film is all about identity, from fitting into a group to being honest with oneself and honoring the qualities that make each person unique.

I found Charlie and Lola (the two main characters of the film) particularly admirable due to their constant identity crises. They search for how to define themselves, something many people struggle with, and ultimately accept themselves for who they are and forget about fitting into a category.


Cyndi Lauper has a reputation as an edgy singer who just wants to have fun and she is certainly not shy about projecting that side of herself to the public. She is a strong woman with a huge awareness of who she is.

Lauper doesn’t concern herself with what others think of her and her music reflects this. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” illustrates her quirky, wild personality and ”True Colors” is about showcasing one’s true self to the world because what separates people are the very things that make each special.

With popular origins, such as this, there are always expectations. Will it be better or worse? Will the theatre do justice to the film? What will be added to the play that wasn’t in the film or book and what will be kept or left out entirely? Kinky Boots is charming, edgy, and above all, hilarious. Lauper’s music is larger than life and fun. I think they will perfectly complement each other.

A little preview of the music:


$37 #GeneralRush Al Hirschfeld Theatre 302 W. 45th St. (btwn 8th and 9th Avenues)