Circus + Pippin: What is your circus, Olga Karmansky?

PXP asked on of PIPPIN's circus performers, Olga Karmansky, a few questions about her circus:

Why do you love circus?

Circus embodies the passions I've been studying and training my whole life-- rhythmic gymnastics and performance (dance, acting)-- and raises the stakes. It's an elevated form of artistry, and my favorite dose of adrenaline.

What is your ‘trick’ – your favorite or signature circus move – and how did that come to be your circus?

I love handstands! I do them everywhere, and all the time. Rhythmic gymnasts don't invert--like ever. It's actually against the code of points. When I transitioned into circus a few years ago, I began handstanding everywhere to adjust to life upside down. It's addicting!

Has anything every gone wrong during a show, if so, how did you deal with that?

Improvisation! I've been getting out of messes at dance recitals since I was kid. Sometimes it would get me in trouble though! I love improv so much I joined 'The Yes Show' -- a New York City improv group for a few years -- I hope to get back to it!

Is there anything that scares you about circus performing?

I'm afraid of heights, but I crave conquering my fears, so I am able to overcome those concerns when I am up in the air. Injuries are what really scare me. To think that one slip can force to stop doing what you were born doing--that really scares me! Warm-up, preparation, education and safety precautions are all important factors in clearing your mind from such thoughts!

*Images used courtesy of Arts Interactive Inc. and can be found on Pippin's official Instagram feed.