Circus + Pippin: What is your circus, Gypsy Snider?

PXP asked PIPPIN's Circus Creator, Gypsy Snider, a few questions about her circus:

Why do you love circus?

Circus represents so much for me. As an art form it seems to contain infinite possibilities. Circus is full of risk, joy and team work. Circus is my life, my family and my passion. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Why do you use circus to tell stories?

Circus is so rich in theatricality. I think that you can actually build a whole story filled with tension and conflict using character, movement, music and circus tricks. The circus element becomes an extreme form of expression for any given idea or plot.

What makes your version of circus special?

I think what Les 7 doigts de la main do best is make the circus emotionally neccesary. You believe the characters have no choice but to flip and fly and catch each other.

Is there anything that scares you about circus?

Fear is the absolute safety device. I am always worried about my acrobats and that is how we keep each other from getting injured. Circus would not exist without risk. We are constantly pushing our physical limits but we are always calculating those risks to be able to perform responsibly and with longevity.

What is your vision for the circus?

My vision of circus is constantly evolving. But I always base my passion for the form on the human element. Circus is a way of life as much as it is an art. Circus performers have a wonderful connection with each other as well as an incredible sense of self while at the same time reaching out to the audience with such passion. I always create based on the performers I am working with. They are the core of everything I do and I am always inspired by them.

*Images used courtesy of Arts Interactive Inc. and can be found on Pippin's official Instagram page.