Matilda. What I saw in the RSC production.

I recently saw Matilda in London and was fascinated by turning a popular children’s book into a musical. When I read the book as a child, I identified with Matilda because she loved to read and she had a sense of right and wrong. Seeing the musical, I connected to Ms. Honey who was Matilda’s teacher and the only one who saw her true potential. Ms. Honey was dedicated and believed in doing what was right, no matter who stood in her way.

When I was in 4th grade, I switched schools. I felt like the underdog in my new school because I didn’t have friends so I could easily identify with Matilda as an underdog. Ms. Honey exemplified my fantasy of a teacher as a child’s ally. She was the one who would come to my rescue to help me adjust socially and academically to my new school. As a child (and now as a teen), I always root for the underdog to thrive and succeed. I was cheering for Matilda and Ms. Honey at the end of the show just as I did when I finished the book as a young child.

- Bridget L.