Matilda. How I read Roald Dahl's book. Part 2.

The book Matilda is about a smart, sweet little girl named Matilda, but she is different from her family. She is mistreated and ignored at home, which makes her an extraordinary girl.

People are misunderstood in life. Teens can relate to this feeling, because we feel this as we grow. Matilda finds an escape from her world by reading. Everyone needs an escape from their world. My escapes, drawing and writing, put me in a better place.

Matilda made me feel like a little kid again. All the sneaky stunts Matilda did remind me of all the things I wish I could have done as a kid.

Matilda finds someone who understands her: her first grade teacher, Miss Honey. I also found people who understand me. My friends get me more than anyone.