Matilda. How I read Roald Dahl's words. Part 1.

 Matilda is an extraordinary little girl who has the gift of intelligence but her parents fail to acknowledge her genius. I couldn't help but think I wish I had a brain like hers, to be able to read great novels like she did at an early age. Though Matilda is very smart, she isn't boastful about it. She is rather sweet and reserved. Something that grabbed my attention was that the hidden message of Matilda was to cherish your parents, because they could be like Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood.

On a daily basis, Matilda has to fend for herself. She’s independent at a young age because her parents weren't interested in her. I could easily relate because at a young age I too wasn't shown much attention and kept to myself, reading or teaching myself new things. Like me, Matilda was misunderstood, and she used books to escape.