What would you fight for? #Newsies #tweatre

We asked students from Midland Park High School who attended #NEWSIES on 11/14 through TDF's Access for Young Audiences program - What would you fight for?

@champion314: I would fight for people who lost everything from Hurricane Sandy that live on the beach. Those people need homes, power, and money. You can’t just not do anything about it. You got to help those people. That is what I’ll fight for.

@AlexandraK123: Some thing that I would fight for is helping kids who are homeless and don’t have food. I think us giving some food and money to kids will help them. I believe we can change the world.

@Saima: I would fight for the children who have cancer. I believe that we can make a better life for the children.

@crazy99gjpags: I would fight for people that lives in the Phillipines that don’t have money, clothes, and more. I would help them donate clothes, etc. to make them feel comfortable.

@Kembo: Insurance companies should pay 75% of hospital bills. It will make life a lot easier and simpler.

@kitty499: I specially believe that insurance should pay for hearing aids and cochlear implants for people who are deaf. Some people can’t afford them so the person wouldn’t be able to hear at all.

@Tabbo: All homeless people should get shelter. They need a place to sleep and they need to eat food. Every year, people need food and water but I see homeless people sleeping in the streets or eating bad food. I think we need more shelters for them to sleep.

@joebo: More money should be spent to find a cure for HIV faster.

@Rimar: Children with hearing aids and batteries should have medical insurance for the rest of their life instead of stopping at the age limit. It’s part of their disability to help them hear the world just like everyone else.

@tonymo: As a matter of fact, domestic violence needs to stop, now! We needed to live a better environment, especially for kids our age or younger. They needed to be caring, respectful, love, happiness with their kids

@elevbog: The insurance today world is that they will not cover anything from out of state insurance. Like for example, the out of state insurances would not cover implantable devices. Lastly, the out of state insurance should have the coverage to cover some one’s medical issue from other states.