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By Desmond Sam 12th Grade, LaGuardia High School

Cyrano de Bergerac is a play about love, hardships and insecurities. Cyrano has been in love with Roxanne for years, but he's worried that his unusual (and by that I mean REALLY REALLY BIG) nose will stop anyone from loving him. Cyrano is an amazing musician and poet - and great with a sword - but he is extremely lonely and insecure. He believes that Roxanne will never want to be with him, so he helps Christian, a handsome man who is terrible with words, court her. The arrangement meets many obstacles that really push the boundaries of loves and friendship. One underlining theme of Cyrano de Bergerac is that it's not what's on the outside, but truly what's inside that counts. It's a very cliche statement, but this play showed me the real meaning behind it. Cyrano gave his heart to Roxanne, but due to his own anger towards his looks, he hid his love from her. Roxanne thinks that she is falling in love with Christian, but he's actually just a shell for Cyrano. There is a little bit of Cyrano in everyone - we all have insecurities that drives us insane. You have to love with your heart, not your eyes, and it’s a risk that is always worth taking.