The Old Man and the Moon

By Oumar Berte Freshman, Lehman College

PigPen is back with a new original play. The Old Man and the Moon tells the story of an old man who is forced by destiny to go back to his roots to give a sense of meaning to his life. After all, don’t we say that you have to know where you come from in order to know where you’re going?

The Old Man and the Moon has some similarities with PigPen’s previous productions (The Nightmare Story and The Mountain Song), such as using shadow puppetry and original music, but this new show stands out from its predecessors with even more powerful storytelling. The Old Man and the Moon is a universal tale that captivates the audience and shows us where our imagination can take us. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an original play to see who is ready for a unique theatrical experience.

TICKETS: $25 student rush tickets one hour before curtain • The Gym at Judson, 243 Thompson St. website