Insider's Guide to Cheap Tickets

By Sofie Somoroff
11th Grade, Bronx Science High School

You know you’re a true theatre-goer when you spend almost all of your free time wandering the streets of Time Square, trying to find the best possible deal on the best possible show. Of course, when you do manage to pull this off after hours of roaming the street with aching feet, you know you’ve really achieved something great. Here are my tips for seeing theatre for cheap:

Rushing - last-minute tickets available when the box office opens

I recommend getting to the theatre between 8:30am-9:00am to secure a spot. However, depending on the popularity of the show, you may need to come even earlier to guarantee a seat! For instance, rushing Once on a weekend would require getting there by 6am, though to be really secure, by 5am.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best rush days, followed by Thursdays. Saturdays are always really crowded, but because generally there are two shows (afternoon and evening) you can normally pull something off. BEWARE OF SUNDAYS - theatres open two hours later than usual (12pm as opposed to 10am). This means that people who aren’t theatre-crazy or early risers will attempt to rush and you will have to wait for even longer to get your much anticipated tickets. If you want to rush a show on its closing weekend and it happens to be starring a big time movie star, I can fairly confidently tell you that you’ll have a long night ahead of you - if you really want those tickets, that is. Make sure the show is absolutely worth it before your camp out begins!

LOTTERY (available 2-3 hours before the performance)

I recommend bring a big group of friends to submit to the lottery so you’ll at least have some odds in your favor. I would also bring plenty of lucky charms- and a tissue box, just in case you cry.

Most importantly for lotteries, don’t give up! Who knows? You might be lucky one day.


Don’t get stuck on one show! If you can’t pull off tickets to the show you initially set out to see, know that there are many fantastic options. Stay informed of all the rush policies (check out PxP's helpful page). Know the locations of all the theatres, the shows playing and the optimal bathroom/restaurant close to each one. Don’t be afraid to do “market research” and ask fellow lottery/rushers their ways. Be nice, stay courteous and make a lot of fellow theatregoing friends. 

And then tell PxP about what you see!