Recipe for Avenue Q

By Bridget Lavin
1th Grade, Manhasset High School

INGREDIENTS: 3 human actors 11 puppets Unknown quantities of Invisible Puppeteers 1. Preheat the stage to bake a coming of age story. 2. Place all characters on Avenue Q which can be found in an outer-outer borough of NYC. 3. Model 3 of the puppets after characters from Sesame Street. 4. Melt the childhood dreams of the characters who were raised to believe that they are special. 6. Have characters realize that adult life is much harder than children are promised. Put those devastated dreams to music in songs such as “It Sucks to Be Me.” Roast the characters, plots and music together on Avenue Q for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Sprinkle in two Tony Awards (including Best Musical in 2004). Stir and let it set for 9 years. At the last moment, generously garnish with uproarious humor. Please note: Avenue Q becomes a hysterical musical that resonates with young people who are trying to figure out their purpose in life. You are not alone in your struggle to find where you belong.

TICKETS: $26.50 general rush • New World Stages, 340 W. 50 St. website

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