FringeTastic: Salamander Starts Over

By Bridget Lavin
11th Grade, Manhasset High School

Can you imagine the class clown of your school doing impressions of your teachers? Your family? Your friends? In addition to these impressions, Armando Merlo tells his life story in his solo autobiographic show Salamander Starts Over. The show begins with Armando meeting up with his friends and discussing a high school party that they plan on going to the next night. Due to a series of events, he doesn’t make it to the party – instead, he ends up wasted and passed out in the middle of the street. This lands him in an all boys Catholic high school when he learns about true friendship. Salamander Starts Over is a comedy that leaves you touched and inspired by his story of dealing with pressure from parents and friends and striving to succeed in wrestling, school, and most of all, in life. The play very accurately portrays his life growing up in a New Jersey suburb and how the decisions that he makes influence his life. Salamander Starts Over leaves you considering your own life and how you can take a hold of it. website

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