FringeTastic: 20 Somethings

By Gemma Lolos
Freshman, Hunter College

20 Somethings, a charming new play, follows the complex lives of Reese, James, and Suresh, three youngsters fresh out of college and feeling lost in the “real world”. Their lives collide and they discover a great deal about themselves, love, and the common underlying fears of life. 20 Somethings is a play that reminds me of why theatre is so special – it has that “it” factor that makes you leave the venue smiling to yourself, dying to talk about what you just saw. The show is hysterical and smart – it deals with legitimate issues such as a fear of failure and the unknown, which rings especially true for young people who have their entire lives before them. With the future so up in the air, things can become painfully stressful and frightening at times. 20 Somethings demonstrates that nothing is ever really the end of the world like it seems when you are young, and that happiness is not as far out of reach as it may appear. 

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