FringeTastic: Flipside

By Desmond Sam
2th Grade, LaGuardia High School

Flipside tells the story of an undercover narcotics cop named Nick who meets a Bo, a struggling 17-year-old trying to get his life back on-track. Throughout the show, you follow the lives of these two men and see the decisions they make when they are at the crossroads. One thing I truly enjoyed about this show was the use of repetition. “Rush, the adrenaline, chase” was constantly repeated throughout the performance. This line sums up the theme and leaves us questioning – is it the thrill of their lives or selfishness that fuels the characters? Flipside is like an episode of Law and Order brought to life onstage – it’s very tough and edgy, but lacks originality. However, it has a great vibe and is truly thought provoking. If you enjoy crime television shows then you would highly enjoy Flipside. website

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