FringeTastic: Pulp Shakespeare

By Travis Amiel
1th Grade, Horace Greeley High School

Many people are familiar with the 1994 classic movie Pulp Fiction - Quentin Tarantino's brilliant writing has made this movie a staple for quoting and watching many times. Similarly, William Shakespeare is known for his layered, complicated dialogue which gives new meanings to readers with every glance. Pulp Shakespeare combines these two brilliant writers to tell the story of Pulp Fiction in Shakespeare's style. If I had to describe Pulp Shakespeare in one word, it would be “clever”. The show pokes fun at the source movie while also balancing the random, hilarious, literary references hidden into the complicated dialogue - for example, after Fabienne loses Butch's father watch, Butch tells her “Get thee to a nunnery”. Guns were obviously exchanged for swords, and references to modern day creations like cheeseburgers were switched to cottage pies. Many of the iconic lines from the movie, were rethought very artfully changed to fit into the Shakespearean era. Pulp Shakespeare would be a fun introduction to English classes, where the difficulty of understanding Shakespeare's language turns off some students. Any fan of Shakespeare and Pulp Fiction should absolutely see this production. website

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