FringeTastic: Independents

By Desmond Sam
12th Grade, LaGuardia High School

Independents is a mix of Rent and Spring Awakening – on an 18th century American war ship. Liam and his friends are sailing on his grandfather’s ship Lady Grey pretending to be part of the Revolutionary War…or perhaps it’s just a cover-up for something fishy. In the far right corner, a small band with instruments is jamming. Though they are clearly visible to the audience, they seem as if they are hidden somewhere beneath the stage blessing us with their folky tunes.

Independents uses music as an outlet to interpret life’s highs and lows, beautifully consuming your mind and spirit. Issues such as drugs, alcohol, violence, love and friendship to provide us with the lesson that life will not always stand still. At some point, everybody has to grow up and take responsibility of his or her own life – something that can seem challenging. Independents is a must-see show in this year's FringeNYC. website