FringeTastic: An End to Dreaming

By Liz Oakley
Freshman, Brown University

The world of fairy tales can be a dark one. So can that of our own lives, but there is always light at the end of the darkness. That is the message of An End to Dreaming, a piece by the Australian duo Geppetto that is based loosely on Hansel and Gretel. The show is predominately a concert of the duo’s original music - they sing and play piano, keyboard, and violin. The music is at times hauntingly beautiful - certain songs sound like they could be in a musical or as if they were taken out of a macabre circus. Though the songs are great, the piece as a whole didn’t move me as much as I had hoped it would,mostly because I had a hard time identifying the links between the music and the story. The artists revealed during the talkback that they are predominately singer-songwriters and that this is their first foray into the world of theater. In fact, many of the songs were actually written long before they began working on the piece as a whole, so the disjointed feeling I got made a little more sense. I hope Geppetto continues developing their work — the music in An End to Dreaming has the potential to grow into a more fully-formed musical, with richer orchestrations, more voices, and more of a narrative. website

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