FringeTastic: SleepOver

By Oumar Berte
reshman, Lehman College

SleepOver, a new play by Max Friedlich (a PxP writer!) is about teenage angst and family difficulties. Jared Kemp plays Theo, a high school junior passionate about basketball and Brandon Reilly plays Matt, a studious sophomore. After seeing the show, I had a chance to talk to them about what it was like to be in this production. OUMAR: How does it feel to be part of a play about high school students written by an actual high school student?JARED: It's absolutely a unique experience - the dialogue seems much more authentic because it is written by a teenager about teenagers. It certainly has a lot of punch to it - it's very genuine and true to city kids. If the play had been written by an adult it would still be amazing but I don't think it would be grounded in as much truth. What's really incredible is how Max managed to keep the script complex, understandable and honest - it's not just a bunch of teenage gibberish. BRANDON: Max really understands how students behave, think and live in a subtle, intimate way because he is one, and that comes out in the writing and makes falling into the character so much more natural. OUMAR: You recently graduated from high school - do you think that SleepOver does justice to the obstacles teenagers face?BRANDON: Yes. I would call this play a portrait of New York City teenage existence - all of the shenanigans of being an NYC teenager are balanced so well. JARED: 100%. This play is so accurate to teenage life it's ridiculous...both characters really demonstrate the spectrum of teenage life, whether it be school, social acceptance, or girls - it all ties in very well. BRANDON: When I first read this play, I was shocked and excited because of how many exact lines from the play I've said or have heard said by people in my intimate circle.

JARED: This feels good - my first magazine interview! Thank you for the interest PxP. Come see SleepOver! Read what the experience was like for Max!website