FringeTastic: Bite the Apple

By Alison Goldman
Freshman, Queensborough Community College

Bite the Apple shows what happens when your "happily ever after" isn't all that happy.

Cinderella is waiting for her husband in the back alley of a jazz club. Her 20 year marriage comes to an abrupt end when she finds that Little Red Riding Hood, a young woman with no self-esteem, had intimate relations with Cinderella's husband. Little Red reveals to Cinderella that she's been stalking the "wolf" who plays at the club every night. Despite Red's warning, Cinderella locks eyes with the wolf and gets chased, ending up up lost in a forest where she encounters Snow White, now a mother of two, frantically searching for a safe haven in the cottage that was her childhood home.

One by one, these fairytale women desperately try to escape their current, miserable lives. Snow White runs into Briar Rose, Briar Rose meets Rapunzel, and Rapunzel encounters another tenant in her apartment, Gretel. The characters continue to peel back layers of each other, slowly revealing the meaning behind each of their happily ever afters.

I recommend Bite the Apple to anyone looking for a relief from the classic fairytale ending.


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