FringeTastic: Would

By Gemma Lolos
12th Grade, LaGuardia High School

Making his New York acting debut, Jeremy Kahn plays Daniel, a boy charged as an adult and sentenced to life in prison at age fourteen in Would, a deeply rewarding play that deals with guilt, forgiveness, and the possibility of hope in even the darkest of situations. Would tells the story of Daniel and his pen pal Alexa, as together they write an alternate life for themselves, a life that spans many happy years, a life Daniel knows he will never be able to live out. A life that perhaps “would” have been, if things were different. Daniel forms a relationship with Bryan, a therapist studying young inmates. Over the months that pass, both Daniel and Bryan take an interest in each other and much is revealed about their individual characters. All three actors deliver exceptional performances, however Jeremy Kahn as Daniel and Dan Wilson as Bryan stand out particularly brightly, approaching their roles in touching, realistic manners, raw with emotion. Would takes a limited theatre space and creates a fantastic show that is a must-see. The play is designed to make you think, and ultimately leaves you with the knowledge that there is always a way around troubled times, and that perhaps it would benefit us all to be a little more forgiving. 

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